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Good charities to donate to

<a title="Good charities" href="">Good charities</a> to donate to-Good charities to donate to
Good charities to donate to-Which charities do you donate to? Each year I like to ask what charities people are donating to. There’s still a couple days left in 2010, so I wanted to ask readers about their charity or

Which charities do you donate to?

Each year I like to ask what charities people are donating to. There’s still a couple days left in 2010, so I wanted to ask readers about their charity or non-profit giving.

I’ll mention the main organizations on my giving list this year:

  • charity: water brings clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.
  • The Poynter Institute is a school that trains journalists and would-be journalists, both in person and online.
  • The Committee to Protect Journalists defends press freedom and the rights of journalists to report the news world-wide without fear of harm.
  • provides tools and data to investigate the influence of money and politics.
  • The Sunlight Foundation focuses on using technology to make government more transparent and accountable.
  • I don’t think I’ve mentioned my Mom’s charity on my blog before, but I did donate money this year to it, so it seems appropriate to mention it. Blessing Hands provides scholarships and other help to students in China. Side-note: in the same way that I don’t accept gifts or free things, if you ever decide to donate any money to Blessing Hands, please don’t tell me; I wouldn’t want a donation to create the appearance of any conflict of interest with my job.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) defends everyone’s digital and online rights. The EFF has stopped more bad ideas online than I can even count.

Those were the organizations that I ended up giving some money to. Now it’s your turn. What charities would you like to mention, support, or call out?

By the way, I’d still like to find 501(c)(3) organizations with low overhead costs that support open-source software. And I’d still like to find an organization that teaches the basics of journalism online for free. The training could cover the history of journalism, research and fact checking, ethics, legal principles, rights, how to investigate, libel and slander, off the record vs. on background, and so on. Sort of like The Khan Academy, but teaching journalism. If anyone knows of such organizations or non-profits, please leave a comment!

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Share Our Strength is a great organization that is fighting childhood hunger here in the US. Check them out at

Olive Crest for abused children. KCET/PBS – love them for their children and educational programs! Yellowstone foundation, save our national forests and wolves! Site:

We also donate to charities that our family is involved in. My cousin works at Project Kindle for children who are affected and effected by HIV. Site:

My MIL works at National Council on Aging and it’s heartbreaking to hear about how many older people who get no help from family or are alone. Site:

River Glen Tiger Shelter Donate every year, since I went down to Arkansas to visit in 1999.

Here’s who I donate to:

1. Asha for Education – promotes socio-economic change in India through the medium of education. Specifically supports local non-profits who tend to the needs of the underprivileged.

2. NPR – The last bastion of fair reporting and informative programming. My mornings and workouts won’t be the same without them.

3. The Humane Society – what can I say, I love animals.

4. ACLU – as someone wise (Voltaire?) once said, “I may not agree with you, but I will defend to my death your right to say it.” People tend to forget this.

I am reading Nicholas Kristof’s “Half the Sky” and there are some exemplary organizations listed there that will be included in my next year’s charity donation list.

The best gift I ever received from Google was the ability to donate to Donors Choose. I was able to provide some art supplies to a school. I even added more money from my company.

The best part was getting a package in the mail a few months later with artwork from the kids.

Matt..I give to the local salvation army here in my city once a month..we collect cloths from the local churches and we try to give back to the community by providing for the people who can’t afford cloths..

Really its a very good thing to donate. if i do then I would like to donate for Poynter Institute. Matt as there are lots of online charity fund organization but how can we believe that they are not frauds. Well you know how many spammers are been working online to makes money in the name of charity. Is their any identity with the originals.

We gave gift cards to charities to our family for Christmas from these places:

This was inspired from a series we studied in our Sunday School, called Advent Conspiracy. The shocking statistic is that Americans spend about $450 billion on presents, most of which ends up unused. And if we were to forgo just one present, the savings could provide clean drinking water for everyone on Earth.

I know Living Water is associated w/ that study, but in hindsight, I had a better customer experience with DonorsChoose & Kiva. If water’s your thing (and I agree … hard to do anything else if you don’t have water), then I would suggest either Rob Bell’s water ministry or Matt Damon’s water charity.

I’ve mostly just put my money into but a some of the ones you listed look really interesting. I -really- love The Khan Academy and will see how I can contribute there to start with.

Thanks for another awesome post.

Our favorite is the Children’s Hospital in Denver. We’ve also been really impressed with the work of See Your Impact,

We just set up a donation-matching scheme at Distilled and I chose Cancer Research for my charity this coming year. This year has seen too many friends affected young – I debated between research and care charities, but ended up going with the former.

Incidentally, I strongly recommend reading this book: – I’d send you a copy if you accepted free stuff!

Well, charity: water did get my Google Chrome money this year…I chose them precisely because you highlighted them when you did your mountain climb this year.

This year, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation got my donations…though I tend to change who I donate do about as often as Google changes its search algorithm :.)

Among others I support BuyThisSatellite. It’s looking for funds to buy a communication satellite of a bankrupt company and provide internet access in countries like Papua New Guinea.

Here are a few of my favorite charities:

TransForm works to create world-class public transportation and walkable communities in the Bay Area and beyond

Save the Bay (San Francisco) is the largest regional organization working to protect, restore and celebrate San Francisco Bay. As its leading champion since 1961, Save The Bay protects the Bay from pollution and inappropriate shoreline development, making it cleaner and healthier for people and wildlife.

World Bicycle Relief is dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles.

The Hunger Project, featured in the really interesting book The Power of Half . In Africa, Asia and Latin America, The Hunger Project seeks to end hunger and poverty by empowering people to lead lives of self-reliance, meet their own basic needs and build better futures for their children. It carries out its mission through three essential activities: mobilizing village clusters at the grassroots level to build self-reliance, empowering women as key change agents, and forging effective partnerships with local government.

Matt, check out Worldreader ( — a recently launched non-profit that aims to promote literacy in developing nations using Kindles. Awesome charity, awesome team.

I’ve got three charities I donate to throughout the year:

Breast Cancer: (We lost Mom in 2000)
Autism Awareness & Research: My eldest son has autism.
Cystic Fibrosis: A good friend has had both her children diagnosed. One has passed away.

I can’t seem to give (or do) enough for these causes. Of course, I make sure to donate to our local food banks and places like the Salvation Army, or Toys For Tots whenever I get around to cleaning out a closet….which, in my humble opinion, isn’t often enough.

There are times when I’ll think that I can’t afford to give. Then I remind myself that it’s the law of attraction…you give and somehow you’ll always have enough to cover your own needs.

Matt – its not specifically a direct-to non-profit, but GiveForward provides a ridonkulously simple way for anyone to raise money for family, friends and loved ones via their online fundraising platform. Heck you can even raise money for that online tractor you need for your conservation (

** disclaimer – I am fortunate enough to have recently gotten an amazing opportunity working with the team behind

St. Luke’s Hospice in Plymouth, England who are a cancer hospice charity that operate palliative care for cancer patients.

Devon Air Ambulance Countywide emergency helicopter service

RNLI Plymouth – Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Chestnut Appeal – Cancer centre

I also help a few charities with website and seo work + many years ago I was a professional DJ in the UK, Norway and San Francisco Bay Area so do give my services free at times. I did this quite often in the Bay Area – hey that’s how I got into SEO –

It’s nice to do good things

Happy New Year everyone

Cancer charities via the London Moonwalk fundraising event.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple mechanism on Facebook to enable users to easily donate a nominal amount such as 10 pence to worthy causes at the click of a mouse?

This would enable charities to leverage the vast fan bases of celebrities and organisations.

Welldone, thanks these charities ventures but if your blog can be opened without direct link will be much more super. short link is non. Also louisegray blog doesn’t open too is chaos on web air. Say hello bay area for me. Much more working please.Thanks bai.

I donate to the public radio stations I listen to: KQED, KPFA and KALW.

And then I support anyone I know doing a walk, run, climb or whatever for a good cause. This year, that means I gave to AIDS Lifecycle, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, the American Lung Association, and the Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walkathon. And I gave to a Doctors Without Borders fund-raising event that local artists were participating in.

When a friend’s cat died, I donated to the humane society where they had adopted him, in his honor.

And I gave to Hospice of the Valley in San Jose, because they were very helpful with my mom, a few years ago.

I always donate locally, unless of course there is a major disaster that needs special attention. Happy new years

In fact you have mentioned your Mom’s charity site on your blog before . She has been doing a great humanitarian work. Power to hear.

Open-source software: I’ve heard that there is this organization called the Free Software Foundation that supports software freedom, although looking at there web site, I don’t see a lot of mentions of “open source.” Might be something to look into.

Matt i think there are enough ways to get trained in journalism, maybe a charity or non proffit that encourages training in the engineering disciplines would be better or hears a thought there out to be training levies so that and industry actually contributes to training its staff

I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I think it’s great that you are spreading the concept of giving to charities through example, people follow the example of influential people!

The charities that I support are;

The RSPCA – Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Shelter – A housing and homelessness charity, it’s aim is to assist those who are homeless and also those who are stuck in bad housing conditions.

Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research – I use my love of running and give my time to raise funds for this charity. Because I have slayed blood cancer myself this charity is very close to my heart! Please check out my High 5 Campaign to raise funds for my next race with the Banana Army.

Thanks for reminding us of the importance of sharing and for being an example to others.

Wishing everyone a blessed 2011!

I currently support:

– Compassion International and World Vision are two great organizations that help alleviate child poverty (both of which I support).

– Tapestry International – A new LA non-profit that works on a number of issues including human trafficking (

– My local church

Boston Food Bank, public TV and radio, my college newspaper!

With the economy being the way that it is, millions of pets are being abandoned or left out in the cold because people cannot afford to feed or house them. The numbers on homeless pets are skyrocketing. There’s a lot of organizations that help. Locally, our Meals on Wheels program is now accepting pet food donations for seniors and the handicapped. We also give unused office supplies to our local humane society and try to volunteer our time when we can.

Our son Jake (10months) has been sick the last couple of days. It was simple tummy bug/flu but left us thinking how parents with seriously I’ll children cope so I think that any organisation which helps children with illnesses gets my vote.

How can you omit It is a great charity organization, it influences plenty of lives worldwide.

I donate most of my time and energy & $$ to the Pixel Project. Working to end Domestic Violence, all Violence Against Women.

I also donate my time and energy & $$ to YEA! Inc. We help youth achieve success, raise awareness of suicide and teach youth about how to get a job, be a responsible member of society and give them a sense of self esteem. Youth is the most endangered group of people in the USA right now in my opinion.

Both are close to my heart and worthy of my $$ and time and energy…

Many other charities are deserving of attention too, however, these already have cures, working to get them to be used so we can focus on stuff that needs to be cured…

Here is to giving from the heart and thank you for asking Matt. I love your discussions….

I’m a bay area transplant that is now working in downtown Las Vegas (live in Henderson, NV) and there are many, many unemployed and homeless people here in downtown (only a couple blocks from the seemingly affluent strip).

I’ve bought a dozen sandwiches, a dozen cups of coffee and paid for quite a few bus rides (I believe in taking care of the locals I’m also a great tipper (whether I take a cab or buy something to eat at the local eatery I ALWAYS tip way more than I should, but it’s always appreciated) My daughter works at the new Cosmopolitan hotel and casino on the strip and I know that she counts on those tips to make ends meet as do all the moms and dads who are having to serve or wait tables just to put food on the table.

I’m going to donate to EFF this year. I was working a PloneCMS booth next to them at Open Source World a couple years ago and was highly impressed, I keep meaning to donate.

Kiva is my favorite. I also like Partners In Health, which does a lot of work to help Haiti.

I try to give to organizations that help children regardless where they live. Specifically these two World Vision
Samaritan’s Purse

I appreciate your asking everyone. I usually give money each year to a list of local non-profits and a few others. A favorite is that who teaches the unemployed and underemployed computer skills; Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena teaches youth to ice skate; also to help get people off the streets; provides homemade meals and comprehensive case management to homeless men and women in Washington, DC; and Care to Help, an amazingly well run program to provide wells, water, and education the minority hill tribe people of Central Vietnam.

Have you heard of the Friendship Circle? Amazing programs for Special-Needs Children… staffed by teenage volunteers. Enriches lives for both sets of families.

85 locations, worldwide.

I am a huge fan of helping the mentally disabled so I like the work that NACSPED is doing… website looks like its still under some construction..

My favorite charity has always been Meals on Wheels in New York: Their TV commercials always used to get me right in the sympathy bone. Elderly people, usually living alone, barely getting by on social security, some with not enough to eat. The Meals folks come by with fresh food for them and spend a little time making them feel important and cared for. A great cause.

I have a soft spot for kids and animals. I donate to the following organizations.

Best Friends Animal Sancuary they took in 22 of the worst behaved Michael Vick dogs.

I recently sponsored a child through World Vision, they make it very easy with a monthly deduction and nice website to logon and get records etc.

I also like to buy ton of pet food at the local pet food store and bring it to a local food shelf. Many of the families there have pets also in need of quality food.

Great idea for a post. Nice to see what others are doing as well.

Not really any of above, however I’d donate for wikileaks, I think that was leak somewhere between Visa and Master card :D, Will see your recommendation also in day to come.

I have a personal question will ask you through twitter, that will be better right??


Good charities to donate to


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